Valentine’s Focus: The Diamond Bracelet 

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As Valentine’s week comes closer, there’s a lot of buzz around finding the perfect jewel to gift your beloved. But the truth is, that there is no one type that can be recommended for all. Sure, in the name of love, a diamond ring may trump it all, but it is not your only choice when it comes to making known your feelings.  

The perfect Valentine’s gift is also one that considers fashion as well as sentiments. And when it comes to fashion, nothing works as brilliantly as a statement piece like a Diamond Bracelet.  

Why a Diamond Bracelet? 

  • Whether it is a diamond bracelet for men, a diamond bracelet for women or a unisex piece. Gold bracelets have been dominating jewellery trends for a while now. With both men and women increasingly adopting this fashion statement.  
  • Rings are ideally a choice for proposals. With earrings, your partner may want to switch them often, and necklaces often demand a special occasion to be worn due to their grandness! 
  • A diamond bracelet in comparison, falls in the goldilocks zone of wearability. It can blend well with any ensemble, occasion and even serve as that one opulent piece of jewellery you wear every day. Making it a versatile choice. 

What Designs Do I Consider? 

When searching for a diamond bracelet, keep in mind the metal; rose gold, yellow gold, white gold or even platinum.  If you prefer gold, we suggest going for 18K gold as it ensures durability for daily wear, as well as the rich hues. 

Diamond Bracelets for Women 

This intricate rose gold bracelet shines bright with its romantic hue and floral motifs that are bejewelled with dazzling diamonds and purple sapphires. This makes for a grand Valentine’s gift, perfect for a partner who loves a little opulence.

For those who admire the classics with a touch of contemporary, this stunning 18 karat yellow gold bracelet is just the token of love they will cherish. Highlighted by emerald cut green gemstones and round cut diamonds, this design will complement every occasion. 

If your partner is one that enjoys making a statement in style, then they’re going to be thrilled with this diamond tennis bracelet. Its sophisticated design of 18k white gold and embellishments of brilliant diamonds is sure to turn heads. 

Diamond Bracelets for Men 

Bold, brilliant and balanced, this design has it all. Perfect for those that want the classic shimmer of yellow gold and the sophistication of diamonds. This lattice like design can be worn for both formal and smart-causal ensembles. 

For those that admire a little play of colour, this yellow and white gold and diamond bracelet for men is a great choice! Give your beloved a statement piece that he’ll cherish every day. 

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