How Diamond Rings Became a Symbol of Eternal Love

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Picture this: You’ve met the partner of your dreams. You are looking forward to spending the rest of your life with them. Your imagination paints a beautiful picture of your future together, and all it takes to get there is the proposal. It is usually the ‘how’ that most people are worried about more often than the ‘with what’.

When it comes to making a promise to love each other for eternity, the most immediate thought in everyone’s mind is buying your loved one diamond rings. After all, these rings are more than just some precious metals and stones put together. They are a representation of your commitment to each other, a testament to your love story, and a reminder of a life full of love and countless happy memories.

The Arrival of Diamond Rings in the Market

Diamond rings have long been a representation of eternal love and commitment, and people, without question, have accepted the idea. However, that was not always the case. While engagement rings have long been a norm, it wasn’t until the 20th century that diamond rings became the obvious choice.

Before the world was introduced to the idea that diamonds are a symbol of eternal love, diamond rings were a rare sight. Up until the 20th century, diamonds were reserved for the high-born, members of the aristocracy. However, after serving as a symbol of wealth and superiority for centuries, diamonds, especially diamond rings, soon began their journey to become synonymous with marriage and love.

The modern-day association of diamond rings with love and eternity found its way from America to the world. As the country recovered from the Great Depression, the diamond market struggled to increase its sales and reach new clientele.

Diamond Rings – a Symbol of Eternal Love

To increase sales, diamond merchants in the West decided to advertise the precious gem that was still predominantly seen as belonging to the very wealthy. To help change this perception and gain new customers, diamond corporations decided to revamp the gemstone’s reputation.

By the late 1940s, diamonds came to be presented to the masses as a symbol of everlasting love and commitment, when the diamond merchants began targeting common folk through the medium of Hollywood celebrities to establish diamond jewellery, especially rings, as something to be cherished by all.

And while the idea of marriage proposals and going down on one knee with diamond rings in hand is wildly American, the whole world has gradually made it its own. While the western tradition is more about two people deciding to spend their lives together, in the other half of the world, it’s not just about two people finding love with each other, but also the blending of their families and friends. Here, these diamond rings don’t just represent the union of two people who found their soulmate, but also the coming together of generations of culture, customs, and clans. And that is exactly what makes them extra special, as well as a worthy addition to wedding traditions.

Tanishq Diamond Rings – Celebrate the Bond of Love

Over the years, diamonds have maintained their mystique, allure and meaning even after more than 70 years since the efforts to make them mainstream, yet desirable. Diamond rings, especially diamond couple rings and solitaire diamond rings, have now been established as an unconscious choice for anyone looking forward to popping the question to their partner. When you find the person who is not just your partner but also your best friend, confidante, and soulmate, there is no need for waiting!

And let’s be honest, amongst all the dazzling designs, nothing shines as bright as diamond rings. Your perfect moment deserves the perfect selection of diamond rings to sit snugly on your lover’s hand and make them glow. Just like your love story, our diamond rings are unique and an embodiment of all that you and your partner hold dear. They make a perfect pick for the moment when it ‘rings true’ that you have found the one! So, visit our store and let us be a part of your special moments. 

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