Ditch your Boring Old Studs for Tanishq’s Colour Me Joy Diamond Earrings

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If you are someone who loves fashion, it is likely that you may have heard about this year’s latest trend – dopamine dressing. The trend involves dressing up in a way that brings the wearer joy and boosts their mood. And nothing sparks joy like a pair of sparkly diamond earrings

Now we know every woman loves her trusted pair of simple diamond earrings. Whether going to a soiree or a casual brunch with your friends, your diamond studs are reliable, versatile, and sophisticated. However, they can soon become plain and monotonous. And while they are still a great go-to option when you cannot think of anything else to wear, it is always fun to have jewellery pieces to match your outfit and mood.

On days when you want to dress yourself up, the best way to enhance your outfit is with statement accessories designed to grab attention, and what would be better than diamonds paired with gorgeous gemstones?

Keeping that in mind, we have created the ‘Colour Me Joy’ collection, designed for women who dare to stand out and command attention as soon as she walks in the door.

Styling Tanishq’s Colour Me Joy Jewellery

Match your Jewellery to the Occasion

While dressing up for formal occasions, it is important to wear diamond earrings that compliment your outfit and are appropriate for the setting. For instance, while dressing up for a wedding cocktail, you can opt for statement pieces with outfits that may be a little over the top. However, while dressing up for a black-tie cocktail event, pick an outfit that does not distract people from your statement jewellery. And if your wish your outfit to be highlighted instead, opt for subtle pieces that do not draw attention away from what you are wearing.

Compliment your Skin

To choose the best gemstone and diamond earrings, you must consider your skin tone in addition to what you are wearing. It should be something that will complement the colour of your skin. Jewellery that makes you appear overly busy is not something that you would want. You can wear gemstone earrings that complement your skin tone, depending on where you are going. For instance, brighter colours should not be used during night-time because they can look too loud and over the top. Hence, it would help to consider darker hues, such as dark blue sapphires, emeralds, etc.

One season that people tend to bring in their fashion sense is during spring and summer. You do not want to be left behind as you can pull off different prints for it. You can then couple these prints with fabulous jewellery to blend the look.

Before you can pull this off, you need to figure out what you will match it up with. When it comes to ladies earrings, you do not want something dull. Spring and summer are usually bubbly when you can experiment with bright hues. You can go for the gemstone and diamond earrings, in this case, depending on the outfit designs and colours.

Black, White, and Gold

It would be best if you considered what will your outfit be when you wear a pair of statement diamond earrings for women. If you wish to draw more attention to your statement pieces, we suggest pairing them with white, black, or gold. It would help if you chose the most basic clothing option possible. It should be sufficient to carry off a trendy dress-up if it can blend in with the overall clothing. The simplicity of the colours complements your jewellery and allows your gemstone and diamond earrings to look more prominent. 

Mix Up or Match Up the Colours

If you wish to make a bold statement, you might occasionally want to pull off a style where your jewellery and clothing colours do not match. But that does not always have to look bad. The key here is to strike the right balance between shades of your clothes and accessories. When styled correctly, pairing contrasting hues can elevate your outfit and make you look exquisite.

But if you are someone who prefers to play it safe, monochromatic looks are going to be your saviour. To achieve the perfect monochrome look, you can match your jewellery to the shades of your clothes. For instance, ruby and diamond earrings are perfect for outfits in different shades of reds and pinks, and for darker clothing, diamond earrings with blue topaz or sapphires would be your best bet.

Pieces from our ‘Colour Me Joy’ collection are designed to help you stand out. Our coloured gemstone and diamond earrings are an excellent way for you to express yourself and make it an opportunity to experiment and play around with your look, all the while looking elegant and sophisticated. 

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