Diamond Pendants for the Minimalist Bride

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We once had a bride who was overwhelmed with all the choices in types of jewelry. From Instagram to Pinterest, she had multiple inspirations, but they didn’t really go with her bridal outfit. And this happens quite a few times, when what you see on-screen doesn’t translate well in real life. That’s because each person has different tastes, styles and combinations. But how does a bride ensure that she finds the right jewel for her big day? 

Be it a lehenga, saree, gown or any other form of clothing, your bridal outfit deserves a jewel that steals hearts. And for many, that is a necklace. But stepping into today’s minimalist trends, diamond pendant designs would be an easier choice to go with! 

But Why a Diamond Pendant? 

Because sometimes, less is more. If your wedding outfit is exquisite and has a very detailed neckline, you may want a jewel that isn’t as distracting without compromising on the precious and show-stopping aspects. This is where bold diamond pendant designs play their part perfectly.  

Even if you’re a bride that wants to go all out with a maximalist look, we suggest layering your necklace with a pendant to give your jewels more depth. 

Choices for Every Bride 

Keeping in mind the many styles of ensembles, we have put together some of our most exquisite pendants that will bring just the right sparkle to your wedding celebration. 

Splendid 18 Karat Gold and Diamond Floral Pendant 

This 18-karat yellow, white and rose gold pendant features a floral cutout motif that is adorned with stunning diamonds. This is a classic choice with an elegant design made to complement a contemporary or Indo-Western bridal outfit. Pair it with some solitaire studs and a pulled back hairdo. 

Peacock Motif Rose Gold & Diamond Pendant

Nothing says luxurious like a cluster of pave and pressure-set diamonds!  

Elegantly designed with brilliant diamonds this 18 Karat rose gold pendant design would pair perfectly with darker colored bridal outfits. Make sure to adjust the length of the chain so that it sits perfectly above your neckline. 

Tanzanite Spendour Pendant

Etched with deep blue pear-shaped Tanzanites, this diamond pendant design showcases swirls of gold sprawled out in a majestic frame. Perfect for bridal lehengas of red, pink, ivory, blue and green hues, this pendant is ideal for pairing with a bold polki choker on your big day. 

Floral Gemstone Diamond Pendant Set 

If you’re leaning heavily into traditional designs for your bridal look, this diamond pendant set is a must-have. Rows of diamonds, green onyx and pink opals add an alluring touch to this 18-karat gold design. Complete your bridal look with a large single-hued green gemstone-embellished cocktail ring.

Bold and Crimson Diamond Pendant

If you’re wearing shades of ivory on your big day, then this pendant will add a splash of color with its classic crimson gemstone set in a yellow gold frame and surrounded by sparkling diamonds. Perfect for bridal outfits with a V or plunging neckline, this pendant can be paired with bold diamond or ruby drop earrings. 

Finding the jewel that elevates your wedding outfit can be a bit of a trial-and-error process. So, ensure to have images of your outfit when you go shop your wedding jewelry. If shopping online, use virtual try-on options when wearing the outfit to see if it goes with your neckline, hairstyle and overall vibe! 

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