The Revival of the Diamond Nose Pin and Why You Should Get One

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Nose pins have been a deep-rooted part of Indian culture. Be it now or even centuries ago, they signify varied things like the coming of age, a celebration of feminism, or even a little rebellion. Trends for the diamond nose pin have been quite steady over the years, what has changed, however, is the increase in the number of people wearing them. From Hollywood celebrities to local influencers, the diamond nose pin is becoming a preferred statement of self-expression. 

The Allure of Nose Piercings 

Piercings take time and care. You need to put in effort to ensure they heal well and once you make it to the other side; you have a whole new way to flaunt your love for jewellery. Nose piercings in particular are some of the most common body piercings and in fact, the nose pin is one of the topmost sought after jewellery in India.  

The best part of this form of body art is that you can adorn both diamond nose pins and even longer, more intricate forms of jewellery like the Naath! 

Things to Keep in Mind When Choosing a Diamond Nose Pin 

For Beginners 

  • If you’re planning on getting a piercing, make sure you go to a reputable piercer or jeweller and have it done with a piercing needle only. 
  • Change your diamond nose pin design only after your piercing has fully healed. Otherwise, you may risk disturbing the healing process. 
  • Ask your piercer about the stem size and thickness that would be ideal for you, as each person’s anatomy is different. 
  • Choose an original diamond nose pin made of 18-karat or above gold, as gold is the least reactive metal and can make your healing process less challenging. 

For Older Piercings 

  • If you’re looking to curate your collection of diamond nose pins, first look online for a bit of inspiration and once you have some designs in mind, take stock of what you have and what you want. 
  • Ensure you have a combination of designs that are dainty, grand and minimalistic to complement different occasions. 
  • Always choose an original diamond nose pin. The price may be a little more, but you will have a jewel that holds real value, to cherish for life. 

A Few Trends to Look Out For 

The Not-So-Simple Solitaire 

This trend plays with two extremes. You have a single motif that is seemingly simple, but it is also an opulent solitaire diamond! Quiet luxury at its finest. 

The Half Ring 

Elegant, embellished and elaborate, this design wears like a stud, but gives the illusion of a ring. It’s the perfect choice if you have an irritated piercing but still want a ring. Rings move easily and can disturb an irritated piercing further. So, this diamond nose pin design lets you have the best of both! 

The Naath 

You don’t need an extremely heavy Naath to jump on this trend. A more convenient design without the chain detail makes it versatile for your special occasions. 

It’s not always possible to keep up with trends, but some of them are always in fashion, like the diamond nose pin. Whether you’re considering getting a nose piercing or already have one, the best choice of jewellery for it can differ from person to person. So, it’s best to shop in stores and find a design that highlights your features. 

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