Different Types of Earrings Every Woman Must Have

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There are some jewels that we almost instinctively reach out for, and Earrings are one such adornments that are hard to resist. You will find an array of earrings in almost every woman’s jewel collection, each one signifying her personal taste. So, when it comes to your own collection, it is best to understand the different types of earrings available, so that you can build one that showcases your style. 

The most important place to start with is the essentials. If you have your essentials in place, you can mix and match them with various ensembles to create endless style statements. 

To make sure that you build the collection of your dreams, we have broken down below the different types of earrings into Traditional and Contemporary choices, each with essentials that you cannot miss out on. 



Jhumkas are the perfect addition to all traditional attire. Crafted to resemble domes of temples and palaces, they are regal in their structure.  These types of earrings are perfect for a dynamic look as they bring subtle movement and an element of grandness to traditional outfits. So, for the days that you want to embrace your cultural side, they can be your got-to jewels.

Layers of jaali work come together for this majestic creation of 22 Karat gold from our Aarambh collection. Each of these motifs is a testament to timeless design and craftsmanship. 


If you’re looking to don traditional wear but are not too keen on larger designs, but also want an undeniably beautiful adornment – go for studs! Unlike other types of earrings, you can keep them on for quite some time, as they are staple pieces that go with almost every outfit. 

An emerald motif drops to an intricate circle of rubies that surround an impression of the goddess Lakshmi. Crafted in 22 Karat gold, this design is the epitome of ornate artwork. 

In addition, you can also add the following to your essentials. 

Kundan Earrings 

Kundan jewellery is a regal emblem, for it was common in the royal courts of Rajasthan and dates back centuries. They are some of the few jewels that can evoke the brilliance of diamonds. So, for weddings and other formal events, a pair of kundan earrings brings just the right amount of luxury to complete your look. Different types of earrings with kundan work have different motifs, gemstones and artworks. So, you can choose from plenty of designs! 

Set in 22 Karat gold, these kundan earrings display a flourishing design of gemstones and coloured accents. Perfect for a royal outfit. 

Temple Design Earrings 

An embodiment of South Indian heritage, temple jewellery is a go-to for ornate and artful designs. Dating all the way back to the Chola empire, they usually depict gods and goddesses with motifs that signify Southern culture at its finest. Just as kundan jewels are a staple must-have in the North, temple jewellery holds the same sentiment in the South. They are perfect for when you want to wear plain gold jewellery but also need that touch of opulence

The breathtaking beauty of temple pillars comes alive in 22 Karat yellow gold and is crowned with floral motifs and deep red stones. Different earrings like this and more come from our grand Choza collection. 

Enamel Earrings  

Brought to India by the Persians, enamel jewels are now a coveted addition to wardrobes, especially for the summers. Enamel work takes dedication, time and delicate handwork. And it is no easy feat to achieve in such intricate designs! So, it is worth investing in these types of earrings with enamel work as they hold a lot of cultural and traditional significance to them.  Whenever you are looking to add a pop of colour to your ethnic ensembles, flaunt these literal pieces of art! 

Featuring a depiction of pink lotuses found in Pichwai paintings, these enamel earrings are crafted in 22 Karat high polish gold and made to adorn for those extra special occasions! 


For all your contemporary looks, be it casual or formal, here are some designs that are sure to bring that added touch of glamour to every look. 


Studs are the most effortless way to make a style statement. If you’re someone who does not prefer to change their earrings too often, studs are the way to go! Abstract in their design and brilliant in their craftsmanship, these different earrings can be worn at your workplace or at a dinner with friends. Additionally, if you have multiple ear piercings, a bold pair of studs complemented by smaller dainty pairs could be a stunning look.

Crafted in 18 Karat gold, this pair holds diamonds of round and baguette cuts that rest elegantly on radiant spokes of gold.


A pair of dainty danglers are an absolute must-have for every wardrobe. They elevate elegance like no other by accentuating necklines, and delicately frame your face for an overall sophisticated look. Danglers bring an extra special element of beauty to your look and are perfect for when you want to dress it up without being over the top. 

Contrasted by rubies and tourmalines on one end and with diamond on the other, this pristine design is perfect for a night of glam. Crafted in stunning 18 Karat yellow gold and accentuated with diamond-studded leaves, be sure to have all eyes on you when you adorn these types of earrings


For those occasions that you need to go all-out and dress to the nines, a pair of different earrings like chandeliers are just what you need. Be it plain gold or with embellishments of diamonds, a pair of chandelier earrings are enough to complete your look. You won’t even have to bother with a neckpiece, as these types of earrings take center stage with their grand, cascading frames. 

Made from luminous 18 Karat rose gold and etched with white gold motifs that house a cascade of diamonds. If you desire to add different types of earrings to your collection, you must take home this pair!


Hoops are a tried and tested fashion statement, whether it’s a casual look or for a special occasion, they seamlessly fit for all events, similar to studs. If you find yourself drawn to this classic, consider exploring different types of earrings and designs in this category. The plain round hoop is a reliable staple, but we’d urge you to go for unconventional hoop designs that catch the eye! 

Break free from the monotony of standard designs and style yourself with these exquisite 22 Karat gold open hoops that showcase intricate carvings and tasteful enamel work in an exotic shade of blue. 

Vibrant Gemstone Earrings 

With contemporary designs, a pop of colour can come from gemstones or even multi-tone jewellery. 

When you’re in the mood for a vibrant look that plays with hues and contrasts, you can consider these type of earrings. Ideal for when your outfit is monotone and needs a splash of colour. However, they may be harder to come by as you really need to pick and choose designs that appeal to your aesthetic and colour palette.


Amethysts, topaz and sapphires are artfully set amongst diamonds of SI2 Clarity for this masterpiece of 18 Karat high polish rose gold. 


While we have shared many inspirations on the different types of earrings that are worth having in your collection, it would be best to first make an assessment of all the events and occasions that you usually come by before you go any further.  With this, you can decide which types of earrings best suit your needs and then go ahead and make your next purchase! 

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