Gold Bracelets That Should Be on Your Radar This Dhanteras

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As the festive season inches closer, you might find yourself looking for inspiration on what to wear, how to celebrate it, and also, what to get yourself and your loved ones. After all, the celebration of Dhanteras is the perfect time to indulge in some luxurious gold jewellery and usher prosperity your way.

So, if you are all set to bring home some radiance this festive season, here are some of the most unique gold bracelet designs that you can consider. Be it infinitely grand or everyday glamour, we have an option for all of your occasions.

Why Shop During Dhanteras?

Dhanteras is considered an auspicious time in the Hindu calendar. Many households purchase gold with the belief that whatever they purchase could come back at a higher value sometime later if bought on the day of Dhanteras.

Owing to this festive custom of celebrating the new and paving the way for prosperity, a lot of brands have a Dhanteras offer. So, this makes it the best time to spoil yourself with fine gold jewellery!

Gold Bracelets for the Festive Season

Festive events and celebrations call for a lot of sparkle and colour, and it would only be fitting for your ensembles to match them. While you can pick and choose your outfits and make endless combinations, your gold jewellery takes center stage. Because with it, your outfit is elevated. It goes from special to royal!

Gold bracelets could be the perfect accessory when it comes to this. They can be paired with different outfits; be it traditional, contemporary, or Indo-Western, they effortlessly blend with attire and stand out.

Here are some of this season’s absolute must-haves:

Geometric Bracelet

If you’re all about contemporary charms, this one is perfect for you.

Crafted in 22 karat gold, this smooth design plays with different shapes to deliver radiance like no other. You could pair it with an Indo-Western outfit for your evening events.

Zodiac Bracelets

For an element of mystique yet a revelation of your facets.

Our Zodiac gold bracelets pair gemstones with matching rose gold constellations for a dainty blend of beliefs. Wear this for a cocktail evening and complete it with a stack of rings.

Arrows of Eternity Bracelet

A little treat from you to you! The perfect everyday ladies gold bracelet.

A seemingly infinite loop of arrows is set in a circumference of 22 karat gold. You can choose this design for your casual, contemporary outfits during the festive season and give them a little glamour.

Delicate Charms Bracelet

Who doesn’t love a good charm bracelet! They make for lovely Dhanteras gift items, as they themselves are meant to bring good luck.

Set with alternating motifs, this 22karat yellow gold creation is a great addition to your stack of gold bracelets.

Ruby & Emerald Gold Bracelet

For a little bit of tradition and a burst of colour.

Deep emeralds and rubies emerge from this delicately woven bracelet of 22 karat yellow gold. This design wonderfully complements attires in dark, block colours, adding a luminous glow to them.

Diamond & Tanzanite Floral Bracelet

Turn heads at the next big event with opulent gold bracelets like this one.

Bedazzled with enormous floral motifs of diamonds and Tanzanites, this 18k gold bracelet in rose gold will be an envied jewel in your collection. Wear it for a formal dinner with an equally cherished outfit.

Woven Mesh Gold Bracelet

Another coveted design with the perfect contemporary charm.

This woven gold mesh bracelet is made of 22 karat gold and features an interlinked pattern that adds to its brilliance. You can go beyond festive celebrations and consider this one a staple for all your attires.


Your Dhanteras gold jewellery purchases should be made keeping in mind the auspiciousness of the occasion and what your wardrobe needs. If you feel that the jewel of your dreams is still somewhere out there, keep browsing! You can always look at a Diwali offer as well to purchase it.

To better plan your shopping spree, check out our 360° guide to buying pure gold jewellery.

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