Express your Gratitude with these 5 Thoughtful Gifts for Parents

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One of the most difficult tasks is picking out gifts for parents. What do you even get the people who have already offered the world to you? 

Our answer is gold jewellery. Buying and gifting gold jewellery has been a timeless tradition across many cultures. Most of us from the Indian subcontinent and Middle Eastern households have grown up watching the women in our family getting all decked up in exquisite gold and diamond jewellery passed down through generations.

Gold jewellery in most households has an heirloom status, and we often see our parents fussing over buying jewellery for our future, picking out pieces they could pass down to us, and we would pass them down to our successor. But what if you turn the tide? Our parents strive to provide the best life for us all our lives, and now it is time for us to give back to them and thank them for all those years.

Gold jewellery is one of the best gifts for parents, and here is why:

It is a Status Symbol

Gold has long been a symbol of wealth, especially during weddings where the amount of gold gifted to the bride displays the family’s wealth and status.

It is Considered Auspicious

Gold, especially 24 karat gold, is considered highly auspicious. It is a symbol of the Hindu Goddess Lakshmi and is expected to bring wealth and prosperity to the household. It is often bought or gifted on special occasions like weddings, the birth of children and festivals like Eid, Akshaya Tritiya and Dhanteras.

They Make Excellent Accessories

Who could resist gold jewellery? People have long adored wearing gold jewellery, regardless of age or gender. Additionally, gold jewels are always in style. Gold jewellery pieces are also seen as a symbol of good fortune, and who does not want that for their parents?

They are an Heirloom

Traditionally, gold diamond jewellery is passed down through generations in addition to other ancestral property. Its value only increases over time; hence, it is a gift that will be memorable for both you and your parents.

Now that we have been convinced to look for gold gifts for parents, let us give you a few options that we are sure everyone would love!

Alluring Temple Jewellery

Temple jewellery is one of India’s most exquisite and artful traditional jewellery styles. This straightforward-yet-artful piece of work, which has been sculpted in 22 karat yellow gold, has carved figurines inspired by the representations of gods and goddesses from the temples in south India. The choker set comes with round drop earrings and is guaranteed to put a smile on your mother’s face.

Gayatri Mantra Pendant

This unique pendant is one of the best gifts for parents who are spiritual. Known to aid people in establishing and stabilizing the mind, Gayatri Mantra is believed to help achieve success and happiness with regular chanting. Your parents can carry their blessings with this prayer engraved pendant with this pendant.

Gold Watches by Titan

Watches are an excellent gift idea, no matter the receiver’s age. They are an ageless accessory, and like gold jewellery, they have earned their status as a family heirloom. Analogue watches have a charm, and this 18-karat solid gold watch is a class apart. With its neat white dial and classy leather straps, this timepiece is a piece of art guaranteed to put a smile on your father’s face. What is even more interesting is that the watch comes with a lifetime warranty on the movement and battery from the date of purchase which is a bonus.

Pristine Jali Work Earrings

If your mother loves to keep it simple and classy, this charming pair of jali work earrings will make the perfect gift for her! Excellent for everyday wear, these minimalistic stud earrings are crafted with intricate designs in 22 karat glossy yellow gold. What is excellent about these earrings is that they can be paired with either western or traditional wear to add a little bling to the outfit in the most subtle and classy way. 

Bedecked Ganesh Ring

This lovely 22 Karat gold ring features a gold Ganesh in the center of a square frame and is embellished on the band shank with lattice and ridged patterns. The Hindu Lord Ganesh is believed to be a symbol of wisdom and understanding, and hence the perfect gift for the man who is nothing but loving and understanding – your father. 

When buying gifts for parents, we only want the best in the world. And there is nothing better than gold. Not only would it be a responsible purchase, but it would also be a gift for parents as eternal as their love.

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