Here’s How to Layer your Gold Necklaces Like a Fashionista – the Art of Layering and Stacking Gold Jewellery

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There is a lot that can be done with gold jewellery in terms of styling. You can style your accessories just like you would your outfit. And if you enjoy keeping up with fashion trends, you must immediately learn about the new and fashionable looks! The current trend in fashion is to layer your gold jewellery to create an eye-catching look. This style is for you if you are someone who cannot get enough of wearing your sparkling gold pieces around town. Whether wearing a lehenga or a basic dress, accessorising with stacked gold necklaces, rings and bangles will freshen up your whole look and make you look like a million dollars. You can experiment with long gold necklaces, mix and match, or create a creative contemporary style.

Jewellery stacking and layering, when done right, is like an outfit change. It can take your subtle, ‘ready for a day at work’ look to one that is fit for the chicest club in town. It is a sure-fire way to make use of your gold jewellery collection to add little more oomph to an otherwise plain outfit. Here are a few chic ways to layer gold jewellery and create your look –

Mix and Match Chains

Experimenting with unique styles of gold chains is the most enjoyable approach to layer and stack necklaces. Try out various pendants and styles if you do not like matching everything. And if you are in the mood to be a little extra, take inspiration from your favourite supermodel, Gigi Hadid who was recently spotted donning several gold necklaces at once. We suggest using delicate, thin chains for a complete look to replicate her style.

Modernise your Signature Jewellery

Many ladies wear only one piece of jewellery, never taking it off. It can be unique, personalised, or have sentimental value. If you, too, are the type who wears the same delicate gold necklace, ring, or bracelet every day, you can upgrade your go-to piece by adding subtle statement pieces along with your signature piece. One celebrity who has aced the look is Katie Holmes, who is often spotted wearing a pendant necklace with the letter “S” in honour of her daughter Suri Cruise. She likes to alter her look by stacking different gold necklaces while keeping the trademark chain.

Try One Colour and Style

You can arrange delicate gold bangles in a variety of ways. If you do not have much time to experiment, choose patterns, metals, or stones that look similar. If you want to experiment with diamond bracelets or bangles, make sure each item is distinctive. Use popular celebrities as your model to put together stacks of sparkling bangles and bracelets in a stylish combination. 

Try Different Lengths and Designs

Try having fun when stacking your gold jewellery. You can experiment with metals and choose various short and long lengths when layering gold chains. The fashion diva from the 2000s, Kareena Kapoor Khan, was spotted wearing several delicate gold necklaces that featured a variety of charms and pendants. She also likes to play around with colour and is often spotted wearing delicate rose gold necklaces with white gold chains.

Experiment with Chunky Gold Jewellery

Although most Instagram fashionistas, models and celebrities are seen wearing delicate items, you can also try layering with chunkier pieces. Add chunky rings or bangles to your ensemble to complete your final look. You can also try wearing chunky earrings.

Add a Pop of Colour

A colourful pendant or bracelet might provide a much-needed splash of colour if you have chosen a neutral or purely monochromatic outfit. As for where the colour should be placed when stacking necklaces, stylists usually advise concentrating on the shorter chain since it is the closest to your face and can therefore bring out some of your features.

It is also advised to add only a dash of colour when layering gold jewellery to prevent things from looking too cluttered. If there is only one centerpiece, all stones will appear more expensive. Here, less is more.

Play Around with Shapes

Consider how the shapes complement one another when arranging pendants and bangles of distinctive styles. A simple workaround is to layer a pendant with a chain necklace. Keep the pendant high with a bolder chain or make the gold necklace look like a choker with the pendant hanging down. For stacking gold bracelets, place snugger pieces or watch at the base and add wider bracelets or bangles behind it.

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