Get Ready for Work, Play, and Everything in Between with Earrings by Tanishq

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Happiness is made of little moments that put a smile on our faces. Sometimes, that little moment can be as simple as admiring yourself in the mirror when you put on that gorgeous outfit and those lovely pair of earrings. So, whether you are a working lady rocking your 9 to 5 job or a college student playing or dancing around, a simple pair of earrings is all you need to rock the day.

In case you are looking for some recommendations, we got a list filtered by the occasion you can choose from.

For Work:

In between a gazillion meetings and files to read, you should have something to smile about – especially when you look at yourself in the mirror and admire your sweet countenance. Ergo, to make you look and feel your best, here are some of the most loved earrings appropriate for a day at work.

Sophisticated 22 Karat Yellow Gold Arc Studs

If you are looking for work-appropriate gold arc studs that are as captivating as your charming personality, look no further than these gold earrings for women. This piece of ornament comes with a delicate square lattice designed to resemble an arc, gold is polished  to perfection. Ideal for formal outfits such as blazers or a semi-formal skirt.

Half Moon Gold Drop Earrings

The Moon has been regarded as a symbol of sheer beauty in legends and folktales. It is also regarded as a symbol of constant change. It symbolises nature, the passing, as well as the return of its seasons. Inspired by all these qualities, these bewitching pair of gold earrings for women are an absolute stunner for someone looking for more than simple earrings for work. Crafted with 22-karat yellow gold, feel free to don this accessory with solid colours – be it a solid black top or something in the neutral colour scheme.

Leaf Motif Gold Stud Earrings

What can be said about these earrings? They are simply elegant and a go-to choice for anyone who believes beauty lies in simplicity. The design bears inspiration from mother nature and is crafted in the shape of a leaf, with diamonds studded on one layer. If you are looking for something light for work, feel free to add this elegant pair to your collection.

For Casual Outings

When you are donning a casual t-shirt and joggers, you cannot wear heavy earrings – you need something simple that is also comfortable and ideal for a stroll around your favourite spot in the city or a day of running errands. Ergo, here are the best picks suiting a casual look and occasion.

Charming Jali Work Floral Diamond Stud Earrings

If you are looking for a minimal pair of earrings, your search ends here! These elegant gold and diamond earrings for women are for the leader who walks with confidence wherever she sets foot. The accessory features a floral design with intricate diamonds at the heart of the piece. This elegant pair will go well as casual attire – such as a white top and denim.

Petal Allure

If perfection can be worn, this is how you do it. These elegant petal-inspired earrings will be a definite stunner wherever you go. Featuring a petal-like design formed with gold and diamonds studded on the layer is all you need to create a bewitching silhouette. Feel free to rock these rose gold earrings for women with a solid top and wide-leg pants to create a casual yet stunning appearance.

Contemporary Bud Shaped Stone Diamond Stud Earrings

Who says you cannot don a pair of earrings in the gym or during your run? Now, of course, you cannot wear dangling earrings or hoops; you need something light that doesn’t cause discomfort in between vigorous workouts. These gorgeous gold and diamond earrings for women are the end of your quest. Crafted in gold, this luminescent beauty should be a definite addition to your daily wear jewellery collection.

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