Latest Trends in Diamond Rings You Should Know

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Legendary Marilyn Monroe’s song “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend” will forever remain iconic. Because who would not want diamonds for a best friend? Diamonds have long been a symbol of timeless beauty, grace, and elegance. And when it comes to fine jewellery, there is no other gemstone that is more loved than a diamond. Regardless of age or lifestyle, women across the globe adore diamond jewellery, especially diamond rings

Diamond rings have long been a symbol of eternal love and everlasting commitment, a gift that women often receive from their partners. But an independent, fashion-forward woman knows that diamonds exceed romantic gestures and engagements. They are as much a celebration of themselves as they are of a commitment to their partners. So, here are some of the latest diamond ring trends you should know to ensure you purchase nothing short of the best.

Diamond Rings for the Women Who Like Finer Things in Life

  • Multi-stone Diamond Rings

The multi-stone engagement rings have been popularized by celebrities like Ariana Grande and Megan Fox. The double stone diamond rings symbolize the coming together of two people. Many young couples who opt for them, do so to experience a sense of elevation when it comes to connecting with their partner. But the beauty of these rings lies not in the symbolism but in the way multiple stones are paired together to compliment and accentuate the beauty of the person wearing them.

  • Colourful Diamond Rings

A style brought back to life when the Duchess of Cambridge was proposed to with Princess Diana’s iconic sapphire ring, coloured gemstones and diamond rings for women are once again having their moment in the spotlight. These rings enable you to emphasize your individuality with a statement piece that is likely to steal the show. Some popular choices for coloured stones include blue sapphires, rubies, and emeralds.

  • Vintage Diamond Rings

Traditional, vintage jewellery is more about heritage and legacy. While vintage-style rings have seen a rise in popularity in the west, Indian families are known for passing down jewellery over generations. While regarded as a secure asset, gold diamond rings are a style statement. Vintage-style rings are timeless designs that carry a long history with them, making them extra special for any woman who owns them.

  • Big and Blingy Diamond Rings

When it comes to diamonds, big and bling is the way to go. And this year, women are all about the larger, sculptural rings with statement-making stones and silhouettes. And while making it big and blingy is often about the size of the stone, chunkier bands have also gained popularity amongst the younger crowd and celebrities.

Understated Rings to Make a Statement

While many women love to go big with their diamonds, there are others out there who prefer a more understated, simple look. Simple, understated rings that highlight the beautiful center stone with room to include intricate details are a popular choice. Diamonds have evolved from a symbol of the love between two people into a mark of social and financial independence for women. What was once a gift from their partner is now a self-bought reward to celebrate their milestones. 

No matter the reason for purchase, diamonds are for a lifetime, and when you make an investment like that, you must be cautious about where you put your money. At Tanishq, we take pride in offering you the best diamonds that score high on the cut, clarity, colour, and carat scale. Celebrate your most joyous moments with Tanishq diamonds!

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