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Indians and their love affair with gold are known across the globe. And when we say, ‘Indians love to buy gold,’ what we really mean is that Indians love to buy gold jewellery, especially for weddings. When you think about Indian weddings and brides, words like stunning, brilliant, and eye-catching spring to mind. Beautiful and vibrant fabrics are worn by the women, and the look is topped with some of the most stunning Indian bridal jewellery you can imagine.

However, the significance of bridal gold jewellery extends far beyond its aesthetic value. On one of life’s most important and unforgettable occasions, everything the bride wears has spiritual and cultural importance.

Gold is considered auspicious for big life events such as marriages. Hence, a traditional bridal jewellery set comes into the picture. Considered to be a blessing of Goddess Lakshmi, gold bangles and bridal jewellery sets are not only considered to usher in good fortune but also offer new brides a sense of financial security as they enter a new phase of their lives.

Buying Gold Bangles and Bridal Jewellery Sets for Your Wedding

The numerous jewellery stores spread across the country testify how much Indians love buying accessories like gold bangles and bridal jewellery sets. While as a population of gold lovers, we may believe that we have mastered the art of buying gold, you would be surprised to know how many times people are often fooled into buying impure gold jewellery at the price of high-quality jewels, especially bridal jewellery sets.

We are often in a rush to buy gold at the best rates, and that is when we end up making some common mistakes, which can later become an issue. So here are some ‘dos’ that you must remember whether you are buying something as small as plain gold bangles or as big as bridal jewellery sets.

  • Purity

Since gold is such a valuable commodity, it is very much possible that counterfeit versions of the precious metal are circulating in markets. Gold’s purity is defined by carats. A 24-carat gold piece is 99.9% pure, which indicates that the lower the carat, the less pure the gold. The carat weight of gold jewellery like gold bangles, bridal jewellery sets, and coins is usually between 14 and 18 carats. Hence, the first step would be to check for a sign of purity.

  • Weight

Before you finalize the payment, it is essential that you verify the weight of gold used in the jewellery. If other stones have been used in the making of the jewellery piece, it makes the net weight heavier, and you may end up paying a higher price. Hence, it is critical to be sure of the weight of gold used in the piece.

  • Making Charges

When purchasing jewellery pieces like gold bangles for women and bridal jewellery sets, you are required to pay an additional fee in addition to the cost of gold that a jeweller charges. This additional price is for designing the jewellery, also referred to as making charges. In the case of gold jewellery, these making charges might range from 8 to 35%. The more detailed the piece is, the greater the making charge.

  • Total Amount Payable

The purchase price of the jewellery piece is determined by several factors. Making charges, VAT, and purity are aspects that are considered when the total cost is calculated. Therefore, the final amount that is to be paid may be different from the initial cost.

It is critical to obtain a suitable sales invoice for your jewellery once you have cross-checked everything and have picked a style that works for you. Many jewellers may give you a cash memo rather than an invoice, which has little legal standing in the event of a dispute. Request a proper invoice including the retailer’s name, address, VAT number, as well as a stamp or seal. At the time of purchase, you should also request a purity certificate or a guarantee, for which some sellers may charge a fee. Finally, you must double-check the jeweller’s exchange and return procedures.

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