Seal Your Bond of Love with Timeless Engagement Rings. Here are 7 ways To Choose One for Your Partner

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Engagement rings remain the eternal symbol for proclaiming love for your special someone. They not only announce your love to the world, but they celebrate your love and the promise of staying together.

Considering how important this is for you, you would want it to be nothing less than special. So, you cannot simply pick engagement rings that do not suit your style. Perhaps you need to be more thoughtful. So, how do you choose the right engagement ring? Here’s how –

7 Factors To Consider When Buying Engagement Rings

1) Give The Current Trends a Pass & Trust Your Instinct

It is very tempting to go along with the style that is trending. While they might look beautiful, there is also a chance that these trending styles will be rendered obsolete very soon. You need a ring that shines and announces your love. This is possible once you get a ring that suits the style of your partner. So, trust your instinct. Embrace your gut feeling while choosing what your partner would prefer. For this, you need to be aware of their current jewellery fashion. Whether your partner wears gold, or platinum, or prefers a minimalist approach in their fashion style, you need to trust your instinct to choose the right engagement rings.

2) Consider the 4Cs

You must consider the 4 Cs when you are shopping for diamonds. This includes colour, carat, cut and clarity. In addition to this, grading certificates are an important consideration in the decision-making process. While all these factors are good, you do not necessarily need them to have the perfect ring because there aren’t any. It is more about the feeling while buying the ring for your partner.

3) Go for the Ring Size That Suits Your Partner Better

When you are out shopping for engagement rings, you will be tempted to go for the biggest rock. However, bigger may not always necessarily be better. You can always choose a smaller-sized stone which is more prominent and suits your partner better. In doing so, you can put more emphasis on other factors such as colour, clarity and cut. This will give you an opportunity to flaunt something unique and extraordinary, and something that sets you apart from the rest.

4) Know Your Stones

It is important that you know everything there is to know about the stone of your choice. Educate yourself about where it was mined, where it was processed, and cut. Visit your nearby Tanishq store to know more about the whole journey – from the source to the market.

5) Be Cognizant of the Style

While the stone of the engagement ring is certainly important, it is also crucial that you do not overlook the style. That is because the style of the ring, flamboyant or low-key, has an influence on your partner’s overall appearance. You must know what design style you want and what is available. 

6) Partner With a Jeweller

While it is perfectly fine to simply look for engagement rings in a store, it would be better if you can partner with a jewellery brand such as Tanishq. With help from our staff’s expertise, you can get your rings customised to fit your style.

7) Involve Your Partner in the Buying Process

Browsing through several engagement rings and selecting the right one can be an incredibly frustrating process. You must keep in mind a lot of factors and you must make sure the chosen ring meets most of them. But you do not have to do it all by yourself. You can take your partner along when buying them a ring. This way, you will get a much better idea of what to buy and your partner’s preferences.

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Choosing an engagement ring can be an incredibly arduous process for a person. But you can make it slightly easier for yourself by picking the right brand such as Tanishq. If your partner with our brand, you will be provided with a rich and scintillating collection of engagement rings.

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