There’s a Gold Earring for Every Neckline. Find Yours Today!

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The neckline of an outfit can either highlight or subdue one’s features, hence, many people tend to carefully select ones that suit their frames. But what about earrings? Sure, jewellery is bound to stand out however you choose to pair it, but you may have noticed that there are certain people who just seem to effortlessly accentuate their features with jewellery. This is because they have cracked the art of pairing their gold earrings and other jewellery with different necklines!

Below are some of the most popular necklines and a curation of gold earrings for women that would complement them best. So, go on and flaunt your jewels with these suggestions for your next event.


Also known as the Sabrina neckline, this straight, horizontal design works to accentuate the shoulder, making it more defined and broad. Traditionally used in nautical clothing collections, it was popularised in the world of fashion in the 30s

The perfect gold earring for this neckline would be one that has a slight dangle but is essentially, dainty stud works best. This 22-karat geometric drop gold earring adds a luxurious shimmer, while also complementing the neckline.


V-necks are the most common and casual necklines, but depending on the type of outfit, you can set the tone to casual with a t-shirt or classic with a sundress. Popularised in the 60s, they are great for elongating your features and making them seem more angular.

A v-neck gives a lot more space to style your ensembles with jewellery like pendants as well and is perfect to showcase a pair of bold studs as they bring a little bling without stealing the spotlight from your outfit.


For such a neckline, it’s best to stick to sleek, delicate dangling studs and not overcrowd the look. This 18-karat rose gold dainty and contemporary pair of gold earrings are a great option!

For such a neckline, it’s best to stick to sleek, delicate dangling studs and not overcrowd the look. This 18-karat rose gold dainty and contemporary pair of gold earrings are a great option!


An asymmetrical neckline perfectly balances both cloth and collar, bringing about a stunning effect. Having originated centuries ago for functionality, in recent times the asymmetrical neckline is more of a fashion statement and is associated with a Mediterranean appeal.

For such a neckline, it’s wise to go with a bold and brilliant pair of drop studs that highlights your neck. This pair of 18-karat gold earrings accentuate the jawline and also complete the look with a feminine allure.


Turtlenecks are making a comeback, especially with the quiet luxury trend, but did you know that they date all the way back to medieval Europe! Being a modest neckline, it covers the neck and leaves your jawline and facial structure as the center of focus

As most turtlenecks are in singular, soft-toned or dark colours, they are the perfect canvas to showcase a big and bold pair of studs with a splash of colour. This floral creation of 18-karat rose gold boasts an arrangement of petals covered in sapphires and diamonds – a fitting pair of refinement.


Beloved by celebrities, this neckline is the go-to for a regal look. It is a favorite when it comes to outfits for galas and weddings as it highlights the decolletage in a very sophisticated way, framing your neck and collar delicately.

It’s best to pair this stunning neckline with a tiered or chandelier gold earring, as it balances the spaces between, with opulence and luxury. These exquisite 18-karat white gold and diamond waterfall earrings work gracefully for such trending necklines.

Finding the perfect pair of gold earrings to match different necklines can be a bit of a trial-and-error process. But we hope that with these recommendations, you’re able to find the perfect gold earring that helps you make different style statements in the seasons to come!

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