To Stack or Not to Stack: Your Guide to Styling Gold Bangles This Season

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Stacking as a trend has caught on pretty quickly, whether it’s for a casual day out or a special dinner event, stacks have become a go-to style statement. They allow you to showcase your collection with great charisma. But on the other hand, sometimes, one can overdo the trend too. So, how do you figure out, when to stack gold bangles, and when to skip it? We’re here to help answer this query and make styling your designer gold bangles a little easier.

Say Yes to Stacks When…

You’re Leaning Towards Short Sleeves

Short-sleeved clothes and a stack of gold bangles make a good combination. The sleeve length and the amount of bare arm space that you have gets balanced when you stack your bangles. The same applies of off shoulder clothes as well, in fact, here you can also throw on a stunning gold pendant and balance your overall look.

Tip: Choose shoes with matching accents to complement your fit. Look for shoes with metallic buckles, bits or other subtle elements that bring about a constructed overall look with your bangle stack.

Minimalist Earrings are Your Go-to

A lot of trends today follow a look of understated opulence. While it might be tempting to go big and don a variety of your favourite jewels, it’s best to mix and match with a little more thought. If you have on a solid pair of studs and aren’t in the mood for a necklace, stack gold bangles to give your ensemble a little boost. Going too heavy can overdo and come across as more flashy than sophisticated.

Tip: If you’re hesitant about stacking gold bangles, add some bracelets to your stack and use a single gold bangle to anchor the look.

You’re in the Mood for a Little Luxury

There are days when you just feel like adding a little sparkle to even your most casual daily outfits. That’s when stacking your gold bangles comes in handy. Be it a simple off-white top French-tucked into your favorite retro-fit jeans, when styled with a few designer gold bangles it can give you an effortlessly chic look.

Tip: Play with textures. Be it the metal of your bangle or working in a few pieces of leather bracelets or gemstone bangles. The more texture you add, the more your stack gets to say.

Skip Out on Stacks When…

You Bring Out the Long Sleeves

The reason for this is quite simple; the longer your sleeve, the lesser space you get to balance your bangle stack. Long sleeves with a stack of gold bangles can get messy and even take away from the jewellery. If you’re going to be wearing a collection of precious metals, you might as well have them displayed in all their opulence.

One-of-a-kind Timepiece is Your Statement

If you’re someone who invests in luxury timepieces like a Nebula, this would be an act of balance. A great timepiece on one hand, complemented by gold bangles for women on the other works perfectly. But if you want your timepiece to take precedence, it’s best not to stack your bangles and opt for gold earrings or a gold pendant necklace to accessorize.

18kt Art Deco Inspired Timepiece with a Mother of Pearl Dial from Nebula by Titan.

Important Work Events Come Calling

They say that sometimes less is more. And when it comes to super professional settings, it can be true. While stacking for a regular day at work is perfectly fine, at formal work events, it’s best to go with a big and bold bracelet or bangle and let it be the statement piece that you flaunt. Stacking rings and chains are fine for such events, but the problem with bangles is that they tend to clink and move a bit too much and can be a bother for you as you get a move on your day.

Tips on Sprucing Up Your Gold Bangle Stack

· Go for a variety of widths. Choose designer gold bangles of various band sizes, and mix and match them to add depth. Also, if this is a traditional bangle stack, throw on one large enamel gold bangle and supplement it with some finer polki & gold bangles for an artful look.

· A stack of diamond bangles alternating with gold ones are the perfect way to show off your collection. Use this combination especially for a daytime event to have it sparkle brilliantly.

· If you’re looking to shake things up, make the centre piece of your stack a large abstract cuff bangle. It creates a well-curated look, that speaks of contemporary refinement.


How you choose to style your gold bangles is entirely up to you, but by putting a little strategy and style into your look, you can take it miles ahead. If you prefer to switch it up however, you can also consider adding a few bracelets to your collection and explore more on how to style them. And if you tried some of our tips, share a your look on social media and tag Tanishq AE!

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