These 5 Striking Gold Rings are Anything But Basic

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From 14KT to 22KT gold rings, the styles and designs available today inspire you to incorporate gold accessories into your daily and festive wardrobe. Gold is timeless and valuable not simply as an investment but holds sentimental value and becomes an heirloom as well. Therefore, the appeal of gold rings is not going out of style any time soon.

Donning a carefully crafted piece that speaks to you and for you is always the best accessory. Gold rings can become that extension of you, as they have been for many women across the decades. Therefore, find your liking and preference in gold rings, be it 22KT gold rings with precious stones galore or a simple symbolic 14KT ring that you can wear on the go. You can celebrate yourself every day with a simple ring on your finger, one that makes you confident and helps you stand out.

Gold rings can, therefore, be striking accessories that are anything but basic, and make you look regal with a humble twinkle on your fingers. Since we, at Tanishq, offer abundant styles in gold rings to cater to every taste, the following gold ring designs can help you make the most suitable choice. You can choose a mesmerizing gold design or add a hint of diamond to elevate your style.

The Spell Binder

Gold and gemstone rings can be a great space to experiment with your style, and even communicate your unique tastes in a subtle manner. This 18 KT rose gold ring embraces the experimental spirit and is an ode to the craftsmanship of gold jewellery with its intricate and patterned design. Capturing the ephemeral magic of artistry, this ring is an iconic feat of design. Great for a night in cocktail wear, this ring is bound to stand out.

The Timeless Marvel

While yellow gold rings are timeless, the intricately-designed gold rings are here to stay. This Rawa-work floral finger Tai ring is a nod to the spirited vibes that come with it. Meant for the artsy and fearless, this ring can become an extension of who you are. Adorned with a striking floral design, this ring might quickly become a favourite of yours to don as a daily statement piece.

The Unconventional Aura

Rose gold rings can break the rules, and this design is dubbed the same due to its unconventional design, yet luxurious aura. If you are someone who enjoys fusion clothing, layering and often dons asymmetrical silhouettes, this ring is bound to strike your fancy. The design and the quaint inspiration behind this ring make it anything but basic.

The Stunner

Golds rings can be muses too, and this design is one that can lift your spirits and inspire you to stand out. This piece is beautifully crafted and engraved with tiny details that symbolize passion, freedom, and inspiration. Being understated in its design and concept, this ring can complement western and ethnic wear equally well. If you are looking for gold rings that are subtle and powerful, this is the choice to make.

The Luminous Panache

One of the most prominent features of a striking gold ring design is how it incorporates the gemstones within its minuscule constraints. This ring captures that feat of artistry beautifully, as the green gemstone sits skilfully along the ridges of the design. The soothing green complements the dazzle of gold to create an eye-catching design, one that can be worn daily as well.

The Charming Appeal of Gold Rings

Gold jewellery, much like its properties is malleable and versatile in a way that can complement every person and their sense of style. As styles in the modern century become an amalgamation of the old and new, gold ring designs have also transformed significantly. Gold bands and chain-mail-inspired designs have grown into delicate yet elaborate symphonies of solitaires, diamonds, double-rings, emeralds, and other stones. Gold rings can now hold an entire world of your style within themselves, whether they are intricately designed or gemstone-studded.

The radiance of an exquisite piece of jewellery worn as an accessory is unmatched. While there are many ways you can stand out in a crowd, your appearance is always the first step to focus on when wanting to make a statement. In this pursuit, jewellery always serves to turn heads, dazzle the onlooker, and make a subtle statement wherever you go. They are instrumental in making you feel like the best and most confident version of yourself. Effortlessly.

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