5 Essentials Gold Jewellery Pieces for Gifting the New-Age Bride

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India’s colourful and opulent weddings are a kaleidoscope of colours. From elaborate designer outfits to henna-stained hands, big fat weddings are an intrinsic aspect of our Indian culture. They are the greatest celebration of love, elegance, and abundance. Every year, we witness and celebrate millions of couples embarking on their marital journey and while no two weddings are ever identical, there’s one thing that binds them all: gold. No Indian wedding is ever complete without gold jewellery.

A Love Affair with Gold Jewellery

Indians consider gold jewellery to be an auspicious gift. Believed to be a blessing of the Goddess Lakshmi, gold is supposed to bring wealth and prosperity to the young couple. Besides being considered a propitious gift, gold jewellery also holds the value of tradition and family legacy. In most Indian families, gold jewellery is often passed down from generations in a bid to keep the family legacy in continuum. And though it is often bought as an investment, it often holds a lot of sentimental value. It is also customary for every mother to gift her own wedding jewellery to her daughter on her wedding. Every Indian wedding witness the bride being covered in gold. Gifting her gold jewellery symbolizes honour, wealth, and strength, and it also implies that the relationship will be as strong as gold.

Must-Have Gold Jewellery for the Young Bride

Gold Necklaces

Gold necklaces are an obligatory piece of jewellery for the Indian bride. A beautifully designed traditional necklace can transform her entire appearance. A necklace not only adorns the neck but also enhances her entire appearance. Depending on the bride’s taste in gold jewellery, there are different styles of necklaces to pick from. Bib necklaces, the Jadavi Lacha (derived from the Nizams of Hyderabad), Mango Haram and Addigai are only some of the examples. These styles offer a touch of ethereality to the bride’s look. So, make sure to look at extensive options when buying gifts for the new-age bride.

Gold Earrings

When wearing a stunning outfit, the young bride needs a piece of gold jewellery that is just as regal to adorn her ears. Modern brides are undoubtedly more appreciative of statement pieces that are timeless and can be styled with everything. So, pick a pair of earrings that would work well with or even without any opulent necklaces. Since the bride might have to wear a pair of earrings all day, it is crucial to find one that is comfortable enough to be worn for lengthy periods of time. Every bride should have an outstanding pair of earrings that are versatile enough to go with every outfit.


We have often witnessed exquisitely designed bangles adorning the shelves of jewellery showrooms. Yes, the wedding ensemble of a bride is incomplete without bangles. Any traditional bride is a sight to behold with gleaming, handcrafted jewels covering her arms. Be it a simple pair of gold bangles, polki bangles from the north, or the traditional Kerala kappu, there are abundant options to choose from for gifting the bride.


Bracelets are worn by young brides throughout India for a variety So, pick a pair of earrings that would work  of reasons. They have an ethnic appeal, and attractive look while also carrying a modern-world charm. Gold bracelets would work well with both ethnic and fusion outfits for the new bride. They are a must-have for any would-be bride, and one of the essential jewellery pieces that can be given as a gift.

Nose Rings

Nothing highlights a young woman’s features like a delicate, carefully crafted nose ring. Considered an ode to the Goddess of Marriage, Parvati, this ethnic piece of gold jewellery is a must-have for every new bride. Even if the bride does not have a nose piercing, a clip-on nose ring can add a beauty spot on her face. These little pieces make a perfect addition to the new bride’s gold jewellery collection.

Gifting Brides Gold Jewellery

There are several options available for the bride, especially if you are looking for gold jewellery online. Our online gold jewellery collection at Tanishq includes a wide range of earrings, pendants, and necklaces fit for the new-age bride. To make your gift extra memorable, select jewellery that you believe will complement the bride’s personality. If she does not like heavy gold jewellery, gift her a light chain with a pendant. You could also consider functional gold jewellery, such as a bejewelled watch. A bangle or a bracelet, on the other hand, could be great if she enjoys dressing up. Weddings are occasions to rejoice and enjoy and premium gift of gold jewellery adds to the celebration. So, make the new-age bride shine bright with the eternal gleam of gold. 

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