How to Flaunt Your Gold Cocktail Rings This Festive Season!

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The festive season is back and with it comes the many poojas, parties, and cocktail nights. But choosing the right styles and putting together an enviable ensemble can be quite a tiresome task for all these events. Most people will be reaching out for the same old necklaces and earrings to accessories their outfits, so why not try something new this Diwali? How about breaking away from the monotony of basic jewels and choosing to elevate your ensembles with cocktail gold rings!

But Why Cocktail Rings?

While other pieces of jewelry may hold your attention, know that after a while, they tend to blend out or get covered by hairstyles and outfits. But not a cocktail ring! This jewel continuously makes itself known, whether you’re holding cutlery, running errands as a host or just greeting a friend, this ring crowns your hand and becomes a coveted, eye-catching statement.

Cocktail gold rings are usually large and flamboyant, reminiscent of the decade they came into vogue. This was back in the 20s during the American Prohibition when a lot of social changes were coming into effect. Women rightfully demanded more equality and the right to vote. And their jewelry exuded the same bold, inspirational, and independent tones. Thus, came the cocktail gold ring design with its large frame and vivid, sizeable gemstones.

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Tips to Flaunt Your Cocktail Gold Ring Designs

Put your best foot forward with these tips on how to flaunt your cocktail gold rings this festive season.

Go Abstract for Special Dinners

When it’s a Diwali function or a Taash party, you’re bound to don your best outfit. So, to complement such special ensembles, we suggest going for abstract cocktail ring designs. This way, you get to play with colours and designs, without being too literal in making a statement.

Go for designs that make one take a second glance and a closer look to understand its intricacy.

Colours for Traditional Cocktail Gold Rings

If you’re going to wear traditional cocktail ring designs, it would be best to ensure that your outfit is of dark hues. Go for shades like navy blue, aubergine. As most traditional cocktail rings are between 18 to 22 karat gold, they will stand out brilliantly against a deep-coloured backdrop.

Add a Contemporary Touch to Tradition

Throw on a blazer or waistcoat over your pant-saree, or even better, go ahead with a suit that is made of ethnic motifs. This outfit will work really well with an ornate and intricate gold ring design, making you stand out radiantly.

Don’t Overlook Cotton & Denim

Not all your festive events are going to be formal. Some of them may call for a more casual get-up during daytime settings. This is where the blend of cotton and denim works wonders. Add in a traditional cocktail ring and you’re all set to make a luxurious statement!

Don’t Forget to Have Them Professionally Cleaned

Most people choose to wear cocktail rings for special occasions and stow them away for large periods of time. But caring for and maintaining these gold rings is often overlooked. While you can clean them at home with some dish soap, it’s best to have these elaborate designs professionally looked at and cleaned.

While you celebrate your festive occasions, don’t forget to celebrate your well-curated jewel collection as well! Don’t shy away from bold designs and try to break away from the mundane and play around with different combinations of cocktail gold rings.

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